Aluminum Water Bottle Love Between Father and Daughter or Son Knows no Distance State Long Distance

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This listing is for one (1) 600ml (20 oz.) aluminum water bottle that is approximately 8.25 inches tall. It comes with an interchangeable flip top lid and screw top lid with carabiner. It can be personalized with any of the 50 US states and most countries. It can be made to say Daughter or Son.

1. CENTER HEART OPTION - the heart will be placed in the center of each state or country.

2. HEART OVER CITY OPTION - the heart will be placed in the approximate location of the city you indicate. If you do not provide city information, or if you do not choose the heart over city option from the drop-down menu, the heart will be centered.



Side #2: Two states (or countries) with hearts in the center of each state OR over the APPROXIMATE location of the cities you indicate. A dotted line connects the hearts.

*** If you provide city information but do NOT choose the HEART OVER CITY option, the hearts will be centered.

IF YOU CHOOSE CITIES: The city and state names you provide for this order are the primary search tools used to determine heart placement for this water bottle. You may provide an optional zip code which will be used ONLY if more than one result comes back in search for the city/state combination you provide. If no zip is provided, and multiple results come up in search, or no results come up in search, the heart will be placed in the center of the state. A zip code search will ONLY be performed if more than one option comes back in search for the city/state combination that you have chosen. If only one city/state option comes back in search, a zip code search will NOT be performed, therefore it is very important that you ENTER THE CITY AND STATE NAMES CORRECTLY spelling out the full name of the state and city. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ONLY A ZIP CODE.

If you have any questions at all about how to order this item, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Each water bottle is designed and embellished by hand, one at a time, here in my studio in Mississippi. All water bottles have a design on each side.

We use premium aluminum water bottles and high-quality ink to ensure a superior product.

  • 600 ml (20 oz.) aluminum water bottle
  • Hand wash only
  • No vinyl decals used

Colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor/tablet/phone settings.

©Apple Farm Creations

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